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Health Benefits of Water in Copper Containers Ayurveda expert Lissa Coffey explains some of the benefits of drinking water that has been stored overnight in a copper container. This is an ancient practice that is relevant today, and a great way to add copper, an essential mineral for the body, into our diet.

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AMAZING Facts About Water You Never Knew

The Nerd Cat – AMAZING Facts About Water You Never Knew

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10 Health Benefits Of Honey Water You Never Knew

You may have heard of several health benefits of honey. However, do you know what happens when you drink warm honey water regularly?

A full glass of honey water when had in the morning or before bedtime can increase your immunity and help maintain your health in various ways.

Whenever you want any solution for your health problems, you depend on tablets and capsules. these medicines are okay to be used if your problem is serious.

But, if you try some home remedies, right in the beginning, you can get rid of many problems. For example, if you have toothache, instead of having painkillers at first, you can apply salt to the affected area.

Likewise, there are several health benefits of having honey water that can help treat minor ailments. From treating your skin from the inside out to curing several health problems, honey water is really that one solution which provides beneficial results.

It is a well-known fact that water detoxifies your body and keeps you hydrated. Warm water works better in removing the harmful deposits from your body and in keeping you fit and fine. Honey has lots of medicinal benefits and honey water also tastes better.

You can have honey with warm water or make a solution of warm water, honey and lemon juice. If you are on the mission of losing weight, then this drink will work like magic.

So, what happens when you drink honey water? Here are the health benefits of honey water. Watch on to know more.

1. Aids In Weight Loss:
You may think how the sugar content in honey helps you to lose weight, right? But, that is natural sugar which only provides healthy calories. Having honey regularly in warm water can curb your calorie intake and also help you lose that stubborn belly fat easily.

2. Cleanses Your Body:
Foods and drinks you have throughout the day create toxins. Also, your body produces harmful wastes. To get better immunity, you should remove those. A full glass of honey water helps you here. If you drink it twice in a day, it will remove all the toxins and keep your system clean.

3. Improves Digestive Health:
A glass of warm water with honey can aid in the digestion process. Honey contains antiseptic ingredients that relieve your stomach from the acid reflux. The solution can soothe your stomach from any inflammation.

4. Cures Constipation:
The main reason of constipation is lack of water in your body. Drink a glass of warm water with honey regularly in the morning on an empty stomach and before bedtime. It will improve your bowel movement and help cure the issue of constipation and pain related to it.

5. Boosts Up Your Immunity System:
With a good immunity system, you can fight against any type of common and killer diseases. Honey contains amazing bacteria-killing properties that fight against foreign particles. Also, it contains several vitamins and minerals that boost up your immunity system, while the antioxidants in honey control the growth of free radicals.

6. Cures Cold & Cough:
During a season change, kids are more prone to having cough, cold and flu. Warm water with honey can build a shield against the bacteria of these diseases. Also, honey makes the phlegm turn to its liquid form and helps remove it completely from your system. Thus, you can breathe easy.

7. Reduces Allergies:
While talking about the health benefits of honey water, this is one of the important advantages. If you are not allergic to honey, it will help you fight against all the other environmental allergies.

8. Improves Blood Circulation:
This is one of the greatest benefits of having warm water with honey. Honey water burns the fat deposit in your body and also burn the deposit in your nervous system. Thus, your blood circulation improves and the toxins are also removed.

9. Keeps You Feeling Energetic:
This is one of the health benefits of having honey water. Why to have coffee and tea repeatedly while you can have honey, right? The natural sugar and carbohydrates in honey boost up your energy and help keep you moving.

10. Good For Your Health:
To culminate the list of health benefits of honey water, this is an overall benefit that honey water provides for the body. To maintain the balance of cholesterol level and increase HDL cholesterol, honey water is effective. Thus, it takes care of your cardiovascular health as well.

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10 Facts About Water

Infographic from the International Water Security Network.

International Water Security Network


10. In some conditions, hot water freezes faster than cold water.

9. The first recorded case of bottled water being sold was in the 1760s in Boston, USA.

8. A tomato and a jellyfish are 95% water.
Source: and

7. Water can dissolve more substances than any other liquid including sulphuric acid.

6. Water is the only substance on Earth that exists naturally in three forms: solid, liquid and gas.

5. Around 60% of an adult male’s body is made of water, compared with 55% for an adult female. Water makes up 92% of our blood, 75% of our brain and heart, and 22% of our bones.
Source: and

4. The overall amount of water on Earth – around 326 million trillion gallons – has remained the same for two billion years.
Source: and

3. A person can survive for around one month without food but only five days without water.

2. Everything we eat needs water to make. One kilogram of chocolate takes 17,000 litres of water to produce, a loaf of bread 1,300 litres, and one egg 200 litres.
Source: and

1. More people have mobile phones than have access to toilets and latrines.


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15 Fascinating Facts about Water

The most common everyday things we use,we tend to ignore the most.
Yet life would be impossible without it.We are indeed talking about Water.
Here are 15 facts about water you probably haven’t heard of before.

Pokemon Nursing Gyarados to a Raging Health! The Joy of Water Pokémon!

Ash and his friends stare upon a Pokémon Center across a fairly large river. It seems to be popular for its specialty of caring for Water-type Pokémon. As they look, Pikachu notices something from the water, which a person in a full scuba suit holding a Goldeen comes out. The person speaks and two Chansey come along with a fish tank. Given the sign, Nurse Joy is behind the suit. She puts the Goldeen in the tank and the suit opens up the top half part. Brock does the usual thing he does whenever he encounters a Joy. Misty seems to look up to her as well, because of the specialty of caring for Water Pokémon. Joy goes off mentioning her work to them, and gives a short admiration of Pikachu for a while.
Soon afterward the Pokémon appear to be fighting, but in reality seemingly Pokémon training or of some sort. They seem to be using the same ability on one another. Team Rocket is spying on them a little ways, in a Tentacruel submarine. They plan to get the Pokémon in the center but are cut short when a Tentacruel mistakes them for another.
Brock gets out a book that has a story written by a Joy, but really it was written by the current Joy’s grandmother. She explains that this place used to be a wasteland, uninhabitable by anybody and that she was finding out the cause. Brock asks her to sign the book but Joy doesn’t want to do so. Brock gets out another book written by a Joy, but that one was Joy’s mother. She explains that she helped the Grimer and Muk that poisoned the area get out. But seemingly, enough with the small talk, just want to get business over with.
Meanwhile Team Rocket, still in their Tentacruel sub, finds their way into the Pokémon Center via a pipeline.
Pikachu gets a refresher from the healing machine and settles to Ash. Misty wants her Pokémon treated so she asks Joy if she would. Surprisingly, Joy backs away scared, leaving everyone puzzled. She goes off saying that she hates Water Pokémon quite a few times. So finally she explains about what happened. She was out with her mom looking over some Water Pokémon by the river in a boat. A Remoraid pops out and squirts her in the face for a while and Joy (younger one) falls into the water. Joy’s mother tries to help but more Remoraid gather around and squirt Joy back up. Joy’s mother tries to tell her that it’s alright, but Joy can’t seem to get the fright out.
Joy can’t seem to help out Misty and Misty is starting to get annoyed by that. But in the mean time, they go over to where most of the Water Pokémon are and take a look around. Scanning around are a Goldeen, a Tentacool, few others and at the end, a Gyarados, who seems to have a “neck” problem.. They are in separate tanks with a large pool in the middle. Misty shudders at Gyarados, but Ash likes Gyarados for its power. Joy agrees with Misty and they go on with that for a while. When all of a sudden, Team Rocket appears from the pool, fooling Ash with the Tentacruel disguises. They go off with their motto, being fancy and trying some water acrobatics. Finally they hop back in and attempt to grab Pikachu, but Pikachu dodges. So Team Rocket grabs Pikachu with the rest of the tentacles and try to go off, but Pikachu does Thunderbolt. Jessie and James start talking about how obviously this wasn’t a good idea and Wobbuffet comes out, starting off a shock to all of them, blowing the sub up. A few pieces of debris fly, one hits Gyarados’s tank and another hits valve opening to the outside. Team Rocket get flushed out along with Gyarados’s water and Joy’s scuba suit.
Gyarados starts writhing in pain for a while. Joy takes a stand and decides to help out Gyarados for now, even without her suit. She goes up but gets butterflies in her stomach, but she persists. She calms Gyarados down and the Chansey get another cast for Gyarados and place it on. Soon afterward, Joy collapses from holding all that shock. Afterward, Joy still says she doesn’t like Water Pokémon, but as a Pokémon nurse, she has to try her best. Misty gives her some encouragement and the gang heads off to their …

Facts about water for kids – 51 Facts about water you don’t know

Facts about water for kids – 51 Facts about water you don’t know

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Facts with Hope – Benefits of Water

The benefits of water from from
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गर्म पानी पीने के फायदे │ Drinking Hot Water Benefits For Health, Weight Loss in Hindi │ Life Care

गर्म पानी पीने के फायदे │ Drinking Hot Water Benefits For Health, Weight Loss in Hindi │ Life Care
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