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Month: July 2017

Cold Water Extraction (CWE)

Cold Water Extraction (CWE)

Simple, extraction methods which could save lives, why damage your liver?
This method can be used on most water soluble opiates.
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Codeine Solubility:


12 Most Amazing Deep Water Facts

12 Most Amazing Deep Water Facts

The ocean is a deeply mystical , beautifully breathtaking, perfect place. But it does come with some downsides. Here are 12 Magnificent Deep Water Facts

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5.Wow, That’s Hot
Because the seafloor lies on top of the layer in the Earth’s crust where magma is made, certain parts of it contain hydrothermal vents. Such vents are a scientific result of lava erupting from the sea floor, and they are typically found near underwater volcanoes. These vents aren’t like those of your typical jacuzzi tub vents- they can reach temperatures up to six hundred and sixty two degrees high- enough to melt led. These could create problems for deep water explorers, but oceanographers are able to get an idea of where the vents are located through the hot water plumes that arise into the sea. While it’s wondrous to think about these vents, it’s also fascinating to know that they play a part in keeping the ocean’s ecosystem healthy. The high temperatures of the water aid in removing chemical compounds from the water, like magnesium and sulfate.

4. Marine Mining

An exciting type of robot has been developed in order to mine precious metals like gold, copper, manganese, and others from the bottom of the sea floor. There are both positive and negative effects to these seafloor mining robots, developed by Canadian Mining firm Nautilus Minerals. On the plus side, they could prevent us from continuing to deplete our natural resources and lead us to the development of more eco friendly technology. However, there is rising concern that they will disrupt ecosystems of the ocean. These things will definitely have no problem sinking to the ground, as they are reportedly 200 tons each and the size of a “small house”. Things like population growth have led analysts to believe that human society will have a vastly greater need for metals in future years, but environmentalists are fervently against it. Some scientists have even raised concerns that the mining vehicles may accidentally upturn dangerous deep sea floor sediments , and that harmful chemicals could end up in the waves of populated beaches. They aren’t set to launch until 2019, so if you are in favor or in protest, speak now or forever hold your peace!

3.Gold Rush
Maybe the idea of mining at the bottom of the ocean isn’t such a bad idea after all. Research by the National Ocean Service may just hold more than twenty million tons of dissolved and undissolved gold. They added that if all the gold in the world’s oceans was successfully mined, every one would have nine whole pounds of gold. That seems pretty insane, but it may not be worth it. The gold is so diluted that for every litre of seawater, there is thirteen billionths of gold in it. Pretty tiny, wouldn’t you agree? Miners would have to travel two miles underwater, and on top of that, dig even deeper into the rocks of the ocean floor.

2.Embrace the Darkness
Because the light of the sun can “only penetrate about three hundred thirty feet” into the surface of the ocean, much of the remains in total darkness. And, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, sunlight can only travel down as deep as six hundred feet. As a result, our twelve thousand and four hundred feet deep oceans are in a state of sort of terrifying darkness. As in, there are “definitely no light bulbs or candles to light down there darkness”. Which basically means that most of our planet is actually dark all of the time. One of the darkest zones of the ocean is the aphotic, of “midnight” zone. It lies only three thousand two hundred and eighty feet below sea level, which really doesn’t seem like that much, because it’s around equal to a sixth of a mile.

We hope you’ve enjoyed- swimming- around in all this ocean knowledge, but we really enjoy your comments! Here are just a few from today. We’ll keep -fishing- for them….

1.Watch Out For That Water
The ocean is a deeply mystical , beautifully breathtaking, perfect place. But it does come with some downsides. Every year, tons and tons of human waste gets dumped into the ocean. Containments of this waste range anywhere from empty bottles to infected needles-ew! What’s more, is that cruise ships are responsible for dumping over one BILLION gallons of sewage into the ocean every year. The fact of the matter …

Water Extraction

Water Extraction

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