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How To Hot Water Extract Carpet – Chemical Guys Detailing Car Care Durrmaid 1600

How To Hot Water Extract Carpet – Chemical Guys Detailing Car Care Durrmaid 1600

Extractor Durrmaid Basic 1500 Hot Water Extractor & Vacuum with Tools

Nonsense Colorless & Odorless All Surface Cleaner (16 oz)

Fabric Guard

How it Works
Nonsense is an all purpose, all surface versatile cleaner that is both colorless and odorless for maximum cleaning power on any surface. Nothing tackles the toughest dirt and stains on any surface like the amazing cleaning power of Nonsense. The unmatched formula of naturally derived citrus extracts combined with pH balanced odor-free cleaning power makes Nonsense the perfect solution for all your surface cleaning needs. Nonsense is engineered utilizing transparent cleaning technology. Nonsense offers the highest level of cleaning strength without the strong odors and colors found in other cleaners. Nonsense is designed using an exclusive pH balanced cleaning agent that has no color or scent. Special pH balanced formula means that Nonsense is highly effective on heavy dirt and grime while still being gentle enough to use on even the most sensitive fabrics. The exclusive low-foam formula gives Nonsense the highest level of cleaning power possible without creating unwanted foam. No foam means more effective cleaning power.

Endless Cleaning Possibilities
Nonsense gives the user endless cleaning possibilities when it comes to all surface cleaning. Stains, grime and dirt don’t stand a chance against the strength of Nonsense. Many modern vehicles are being equipped with extremely sensitive interior materials and blended fabrics that are easily stained and damaged with strong cleaners. Nonsense is designed to gently clean and remove dirt and strains from sensitive materials with zero color or odor being placed on the material. Nonsense is designed to function great on both interior and exterior surfaces. Even painted areas can be cleaned safely using the amazing power of Nonsense.

Professional Strength
Do not be fooled into thinking Nonsense is a “light cleaning” product. Nonsense really packs a punch! Engine bays, dirty wheels, undercarriages and filthy carpets don’t stand a chance against the transparent cleaning power of Nonsense. Hard to reach places are easily cleaned with just a simple spray of Nonsense. Nonsense incorporates a unique naturally derived citrus extract with unmatched cleaning power to handle the toughest jobs. The all natural pH balanced formula gives that gentle touch that only Mother Nature can provide giving you endless possibilities to where to you can use Nonsense. Dirty tires, filthy undercarriages and greasy engine compartments don’t stand a chance against the unmatched cleaning power Nonsense provides. Nonsense is also gentle enough to use on even the most delicate materials and sensitive interior panels.

Advanced Transparent Cleaning Technology
To create Nonsense, we had to start from the ground up to engineer a product that would completely change the way you think about all surface cleaners. Many generic surface cleaners on the market contain coloring agents that can stain and damage the surface or material being cleaned while also containing a harsh odor that can not only contaminate the area being cleaned, but can also harm the user with unwanted smells. Nonsense uses transparent cleaning technology to deliver a professional strength product without the powerful chemical odor or coloring agents.…

Drinking Water Filters & Purifiers : Facts About Water Pollution

Drinking Water Filters & Purifiers : Facts About Water Pollution

Learn facts about water pollution in this free water purification video.

Expert: Gregory Gibbert
Bio: Gregory Gibbert has been working in the water conditioning field for five years with Hague Quality Water. His main expertise has been in sales for Hague Quality Water of Ventura, California.
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan…

Steam Cleaning/Hot Water Extraction

Steam Cleaning/Hot Water Extraction

George Allred takes on a disastrous carpet and returns it to a like new appearance. Why spend more money purchasing all new carpeting when you could just have George and his crew make your original carpet last longer?

Visit and take a look at our Challenges.
We have a challenge for both Residences and Commercial Businesses.

Try it out. What have you got to lose?…

Five Facts About Water Bears

Five Facts About Water Bears

Meet the tough, tubby tardigrades also known as ‘water bears’ or ‘moss piglets’. These nicknames may not strike fear into the hearts of many but these little plump, eight-legged micro-animals have some truly special abilities that makes them worthy contenders for the world’s hardiest animal.

Fact #01 – Their scientific name Tardigrada literally means “slow stepper”

They were first discovered by the German zoologist Johann August Ephraim Goeze in 1773 who initially dubbed them Kleiner Wasserbär, meaning “little water bear” based on the endearing way they trundle across their chosen habitat. Three years later the term Tardigrada (meaning “slow stepper”) was first coined by the Italian biologist Lazzaro Spallanzani.

Fact #02 – They have survived all five mass extinction events

Yes, they have survived the Ordovician–Silurian extinction events, the Late Devonian extinction, the Permian–Triassic extinction event, the Triassic–Jurassic extinction event and the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event.

Tardigrades now form a group of 1,150 species which belong to the phylum Tardigrada, part of the superphylum Ecdysozoa. It is an ancient group, with fossils dating from 530 million years ago, in the Cambrian period when the first complex animals were just evolving. Dinosaurs, in comparison, first appeared about 230 million years ago, making T. rex and co. the relative new kids on the block.

Fact #03 – They can survive temperatures above 150°C and below -200°C

In the 1920s, a Benedictine friar named Gilbert Franz Rahm brought tardigrades back to life after heating them to 151 °C for 15 minutes. The most heat-tolerant organisms known are bacteria that live around the edges of hydrothermal vents in the deep sea. They can still grow at 122 °C. If Rahm is to be believed, tardigrades can survive even higher temperatures.

Rahm also tested them in the cold. He immersed them in liquid air at -200 °C for 21 months, in liquid nitrogen at -253 °C for 26 hours, and in liquid helium at -272 °C for 8 hours. Afterwards the tardigrades sprang back to life as soon as they came into contact with water. To put that into perspective, the lowest temperature ever recorded on Earth was a balmy -89.2 °C in central Antarctica in 1983. The tardigrades coped with a profound chill that at which atoms come to a virtual standstill.

Fact #04 – They can reach a state of suspended animation by dropping metabolism, expelling water and forming a ‘tun’

What makes tardigrades so tough? One word: cryptobiosis. Translated literally, cryptobiosis means “hidden life,” and that’s exactly what it is: a form of suspended animation in which organisms can go on living even as they look dead. To reach this state they reach an advanced state of desiccation by dropping their water content can drop to 1-3 percent of normal and curling into a dehydrated ball, called a tun, by retracting their head and legs. While in cryptobiosis, tardigrades’ metabolic activity gets as low as 0.01 percent of normal levels, and their organs are protected by a sugary gel called trehalose. This sugar forms a glass-like state inside their cells that stabilises key components, such as proteins and membranes, which would otherwise be destroyed. New research has found that some tardigrades use a class of proteins called intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs) which also form protective glass-like solids.

Fact #005 – In September 2007, researcher launched two species of dehydrated tardigrades into space. After 10 days in orbit, most of the specimens in one species were revived within 30 minutes of being rehydrated.

Back in September of 2007, researchers from Sweden’s Kristianstad University launched two species of dehydrated tardigrades aboard ESA’s FOTON-M3, an unmanned mission that carried varieties of experimental payload. After ten days of orbiting, the FOTON-M3 satellite made its way safely to the Earth. The scientists found that majority of the specimens in one species (around 68 percent) were successfully revived after just 30 minutes of being rehydrated. These specimens even went on to hatch their eggs.

Water bear don’t care.

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Thumbnail Image Credit: Ragdoll Studios LLC (see above)…

DIY Carpet Cleaning A Stain With Water Extraction (Auto Detailing)

DIY Carpet Cleaning A Stain With Water Extraction (Auto Detailing)

My experience cleaning some nasty stains from a center console in a car. This was one of the things unsightly to look at every time this car is driven. This small carpet is much cleaner now and may require more work, it demonstrates the process for a DIY to extract the disgusting stain left by the previous owner.

The Carpet Stain Extractor is a @Chemical Guys product diluted 20:1.
Carpet shampoo is from a commercial cleaning store (Professional Grade).
Bissell Green Machine, an inexpensive water extraction machine.…

cost of virat kohli 1 litre water ! Virat kohli facts ! Virat kohli fitness secret

cost of virat kohli 1 litre water ! Virat kohli facts ! Virat kohli fitness secret

The current Indian Cricket team captain, Virat Kohli drinks Evian water which costs about Rs. 600 per litre. This type of water is imported from France. According to the Laughing colours, The water is especially filled from a natural spring that is located in a rural area. The Evian water bottles are available in different sizes at different prices.

Virat Kohli drinks water costs Rs 600
Source: Aastha Magazine
The small sized bottle of Evian brand water bottle costs around Rs. 240 in India. It is a half litre bottle. The Indian captain is very much particular about his diet and what he drinks. So, he always orders Evian water bottle when he visits restaurants. It is heard that he mostly carries the Evian bottles with him wherever he goes citing the possibility that they may not be available everywhere.…

Ice Water Extraction Bubble Hash

Ice Water Extraction Bubble Hash

Ice Water Extraction Bubble Hash.
Fresh frozen trim used from 2 NYCD’s, 1 SS, 1 PK, 1 WW & 1 GWS.…

TaKaDu Water Facts Cartoon Part 3

TaKaDu Water Facts Cartoon Part 3

Professional Auto Carpet Detailing | Cleaning – Hot Water Extraction

Professional Auto Carpet Detailing | Cleaning – Hot Water Extraction

Ever think of all the elements that end up penetrating into your vehicles carpet? Here is a quick demo of how water extraction can remove Coffee, Juice, Milk & Food Spills. Help conserve your vehicle by paying attention to your interior.…

7 Crazy Facts About Water Pollution in Asia

7 Crazy Facts About Water Pollution in Asia

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7 Crazy Facts About Water Pollution in Asia
Water Pollution in Asia is literally out of control
Here are 7 CRAZY facts about
Water Pollution in Asia

1. 42% of all deaths related to water pollution happen in Asian countries

2. Over 60% of Asia does not have secure water piped directly into their homes

3. Over the past century, the use of pesticides in Asia has risen by 750%

4. Pakistan has almost no regulations on its factories and industrial zones

5. Only 6% of Bangladesh has access to piped water directly to their homes

6. 500 million people in China are without access to clean drinking water

7. In Cambodia, 600 deaths in 100K toddlers are due to water pollution…

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