5 Insane Facts About Water Contamination

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Clean drinking water is necessary for all of us
Here are 5 INSANE facts about
Water Contamination
1. 1 in 10 people can’t access clean drinking water
because of pollution or contamination
This isn’t only a problem for developing countries
but also for developed nations like the United States

2. 3900 water systems that supply water to the public
are located within one mile of a fracking site.
Fracking allows harsh chemicals and metals
to enter water supplies through groundwater
It also leads to storage of wastewater underground
3. 900,000 people are afflicted with illnesses and
problems related to water contamination every year
In countries where healthcare is hard to come by
many of the people afflicted with these illnesses die
4. In the United States alone, agriculture causes
contamination in 72% of rivers and 56% of lakes
Irrigation leads to overuse of water supplies
fertilizers and pesticides contaminate groundwater
and animal waste bacteria seeps in as well
5. As of 2000, approximately 400 million tons
of chemicals is produced around the world annually
The more chemicals there are in existence
the more likely it is that they will spill or leak
There’s also a greater chance that byproducts
will be dumped as well