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Tyler Le Baron (Founder of Molecular Hydrogen Foundation) discusses the studies on hydrogen and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Q: Tyler, 15 years ago I had a serious sports injury resulted in bursitis and arthritis in my lower back. Every morning when I try to get up it’s very, very difficult. It takes about 20-minutes to warm up. Now I started taking the molecular hydrogen product both of those indications have gone away 100% and its been four months. I can hardly believe it. Why is this?

A: Well, that’s an awesome testimonial. I like to hear these types of things, it’s just remarkable how hydrogen can have such profound impact and we look at the studies on hydrogen and rheumatoid arthritis, for example, there’s an article published a couple of years ago that it was a double blind placebo controlled randomized clinical trial that showed that people with rheumatoid arthritis and who were taking hydrogen gas has a mark reduction in not only their oxygen stress markers. Which was OSDG which is a marker of DNA damage, but also in their symptoms themselves. In fact, five of them who were early rheumatoid arthritis, so having it for less than a year, they wouldn’t really be diagnosed with the disease anymore, because they had that remission. And then 4 out of 5 had a total remission of their symptoms, they felt really good after that and now it’s followed by another study that, just a couple of years ago that people with rheumatoid arthritis to have similar benefits as well. I have heard a number of case reports of people taking various hydrogen products that are just able to start walking again, start having mobility again, the joint pain is decreasing, the inflammation, and it really speaks to hydrogen’s ability to have this anti-inflammatory or anti-oxidant effect in the body and to help with the joints. Studies showing it helps prevent soft tissue injuries. So, the science really is backing up a lot of the things that people like yourself have noticed when they start taking molecular hydrogen and due to the high safety profile of hydrogen gas. The fact they use it in deep sea divers since the 1940’s to prevent decompression sickness. You know when you have something that is so safe, and yet appears to have such mark therapeutic potential. I would suggest that everyone could have this product, using it and experiencing the benefits.